Future tenses

Choose the correct form from the brackets.

1 Oh, it's starting to rain. Get in. I (drive/will drive) you home.
2 What (will you do/will you be doing) at this time next week? - My English exam.
3 The first bus to Coventry (is leaving/leaves) at 6.15, I think.
4 Look out! The ice (is going to/will) break.
5 I (go/am going) to a barbecue tonight. Do you want to go with me?
6 We (are about to/are to) leave for the airport, so I haven't got much time, I'm afraid.
7 When (will you have finished/have you finished) with my CDs?
8 We (land/are landing) in Chicago at 3.35 and our connecting flight is two hours later.
9 When I get home, my parents (will have/will be having) supper.
10 Mike has just put his boots on. He (will/is going to) post some letters.

Put in the correct tense/form of the verb given. Sometimes two tenses/forms are possible. Choose from: simple present, present progressive, will-future, going to-future, future
progressive, future perfect.

11 What time (your plane - leave)... tomorrow? Shall I take you to the airport?
12 On Monday next week I (lie)... in the sun on the beach at Rimini.
13 Isn't that the phone ringing? It's OK. I (go)...
14 Dave (not - plan)... to go to university yet. He wants to earn some money first.
151 expect we (have)... hot weather in Italy. We always do.
16 Mum, by the time you get home, I (clean)... my room. I promise.
17 I think I (walk)... home through the park. I need some fresh air.
18 Sue (study)... pharmacy after school. She's already got a place at Bristol University.
19 Just imagine. At this time tomorrow, we (fly)... over the Atlantic.
20 What time (the last bus - go)... ? I mustn't miss it.

Translate the German clauses in brackets into English.

21 Look at that man standing on the bridge. (Er wird gleich springen. )... Call the police!
22 I'm getting the next bus into town. - Oh. Just a minute. (Ich fahre mit dir. )...
23 A week today (werden wir unsere Englischprüfung schreiben [do]. )... I'm nervous already.
24 Sorry I can't come, (aber morgen Nachmittag spiele ich mit Dave Tennis. )...
25 Jenny has just put her coat on. (Sie ist im Begriff, den Hund auszuführen. )...
26 Don't worry. Pam's a careful driver. I'm sure (sie kommt bald. )...
27 Have you seen those dark clouds? It's windy too. (Es wird einen Sturm geben. )...

Spot the mistakes (future time). There is one mistake in each sentence or sentence group.

28 Mick will study microbiology at university.
29 You can't lift that heavy box on your own. Just a moment. I help you.
30 By this time next year we will leave school.
31 Do you do anything tomorrow evening? If not, you could come with me to the concert.
32 Oh, hello. Sorry, but we are just to go out. Can I phone you back later?
33 Why have you put on those old clothes? -I will clean out the garden shed.
34 I suppose Gemma comes late again. She usually does.