Gerund or Infinitive

Put the verb in brackets into gerund or infinitive
Example: I used (ride) ______________ a lot but not any more . (key = to ride)
1. She apologized for (borrow)
______________ the book without your permission.

2. He expects you (go) ______________ with him.

3. The police accused him of (steal) ______________ the money from the house.

4. It's much better (stay) ______________ at home than to go out in the rain.

5. You don't need (ask)______________ him every time you want to go out.

6. We got tired of (wait) ______________ for better weather.

7. Do you feel like ______________ (go) to the cinema?

8. He decided (put) ______________ his coat on the hanger.

9. The washing machine began (make) ______________ a terrible noise.

10. He took to (get up) ______________ early every day.

11. I'm very sorry for (be) ______________ late.

12. She didn't like (leave) ______________ the children alone but she had no choice.

13. I'm for (do) ______________ nothing till he arrives.

14. You still have a lot (learn) ______________ in English.

15. Do you remember (post) ______________ the letter? Are you sure you've posted it?

16. Why do you keep (look) ______________ at me?

17. I didn't feel like (work) ______________ so I phoned my boss.

18. It isn't good for you (eat) ______________ so many sweets.

19. Most people prefer (spend) ______________ their money to saving it.

20. Would you like (come) ______________ with me to the gym?