Setze die in Klammern stehenden Verben entweder ins Past Perfect oder ins Simple Past.

Beispiel: Pat _________ (to live) in London before he _________ (to move) to Rome.Lösung: Pat had lived in London before he moved to Rome.1. After Fred (to spend) _____________________ his holiday in Italy he (to want) _____________________ to learn Italian.
2. Jill (to phone) _____________________ Dad at work before she (to leave) _____________________ for her trip.
3. Susan (to turn on) _____________________ the radio after she (to wash) _____________________ the dishes.
4. When she (to arrive) _____________________ the match already (to start).
5. After the man (to come) _____________________ home he (to feed) _____________________ the cat.
6. Before he (to sing) _____________________ a song he (to play) _____________________ the guitar.
7. She (to watch) _____________________ a video after the children (to go) _____________________ to bed.
8. After Eric (to make) _____________________ breakfast he (to phone) _____________________ his friend.
9. I (to be) _____________________ very tired because I (to study) _____________________ too much.
10. They (to ride) _____________________ their bikes before they (to meet) _____________________ their