Fill in the gaps with the correct tenses:

Past Simple or Present Perfect

_______________________________ (ever be) in London?
Yesterday she _______________________________ (get) a new bed.
When was the last time you _______________________________ (call) her?
He _______________________________ (live) here since 1990.
I cannot remember when was the last time I _______________________________ (be) here.
I _______________________________ (work) here for 3 years now.
I am not hungry. I _______________________________ (eat/already).
Ann _______________________________ (believe) that for ages.
I don't think she _______________________________ (do) her homework.
She _______________________________ (never eaten) an octopus.
How long _______________________________ (you/live) there before coming here?
I _______________________________ (not be) at school last week.
I _______________________________ (just think) of a good idea! Let's....
I think she _______________________________ (not see) us yesterday at the concert.
John _______________________________ (be) in Africa.
Before I _______________________________ (meet) him I was very lonely.
I _______________________________ (move) in this house in 2003.
I _______________________________ (not know) she used to be married.
What _______________________________ (you do) when you saw her?
Although I _______________________________ (finish) my homework I still don't under-stand this.