Conditional sentences

> Fill in the correct tenses/forms of the verbs in brackets.

Marcus: I'm taking my driving test tomorrow. I'm starting to get nervous already.
Layla: Don't worry. If you (1 keep)... calm, you (2 be)... all right. But I can imagine how you feel.
If I (3 have to)... take my driving test tomorrow, I (4 feel)... nervous too.
Marcus: This is my second try. All my friends (5 laugh)... at me if I (6 fail)... again.
Layla: Not all your friends. Anyway, as I remember, you were ill the first time you took your test. You had a virus, didn't you? You (7 not - fail)... the first time if you (8 not - be)... ill.

> Translate the German sentence parts into English.

9 (Wenn Ruth in Bristol ware)..., she could come and visit us.
10 If I lived in the US, (konnte ich Auto fahren. )...
11 If you don't want anyone to know about this, (sage ich nichts. )...
12 (Wenn ich du ware)..., I would take the job.
13 Would you go out more (wenn du nicht so viele Hausaufgaben machen muss test?)...
14 (Wenn du ankommst, ruf mich bitte an)..., so that I won't worry about you.
15 If the van driver hadn't been driving so fast, (hatte der Unfall verhindert werden können. )...
16 Steve could have passed his driving test easily (wenn er nicht so nervös gewesen ware. )...
17 (Wenn ich mehr Geld verdienen würde)..., I would buy more books.
18 I would simply tell the truth (wenn ich Sheila ware. )...

I Spot the mistakes. There is one mistake in each sentence or sentence pair.

19 Jenny might possibly be at the barbecue. When I see her, I'll give her your message.
20 If Sam doesn't come soon, we eat without her.
21 If John would earn a lot of money, he would tell everybody, I'm sure.
22 If I would have known about the meeting, I wouldn't have stayed at home.
23 If you will fly to Miami with British Airways before 15th May, it will cost £215.
24 You can't access the files in case you know the password.
25 If I had known that there was plenty of time, I hadn't run all the way here.
26 Claire would tell me how to work the machine if she would know.
27 Marie wouldn't have asked you for money if she would have enough herself.
28 I'll give you a key unless I'm not at home when you arrive.
29 If you arrive in York, I'll meet you at the station. Don't worry, I'll be there.
30 It's a secret, but I'll tell you when you promise not to say anything to anybody.